Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Last Volume of The Many Faces of Janet

This was an extremely difficult volume to put together. I received my copy last Tuesday and it is as difficult to view.

You would think that I had done all the books needed of photographs of Janet. But I haven't. I am in the process of doing one more. This one will not be titled The Many Faces of Janet, just simply Janet. I am in the process right now of going through the many boxes of Janet's photographs looking for early photographs of her--there are very, very few. Beyond that I am doing the book in sections rather in a chronological order as I have in the previous books. There will be a section on the official birthday portraits, the McDonald's portraits and whatever else I come up with. I want to use my favorite photographs of Janet with my personal comments. It will likely be the middle of the year before I am finished.

But anyway, here is a preview of The Many Faces of Janet, Vol. 4.

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