Monday, January 3, 2011

First Photoshoot of 2011

A terribly inauspicious photographic beginning for 2011. The first photoshoot, a fashion night shoot, under I-59 off of Westpark doesn’t hold much promise. I decided to go with the SU800 rather than Pocket Wizards and that proved to be a mistake. The flash was a struggle from the very beginning. The SU800 has a very limited range out of doors but it retains the TTL capabilities of the flash which the PWs don’t. Out of frustration I left early. In all, I only shot two photographs that I thought might be worth showing. Pretty depressing.

My problem is that too often I prethink the shoot and when it doesn’t turn out to coincide with my plans I lose interest. I was in hopes of playing with bokeh and possibly rear curtain flash and neither worked out. The distance lights were not that interesting and there was not a constant flow of traffic that inspired rear curtain flash. Add that to the fact that I am not at my best in crowds…

The one model that I did work with, Amanda, was new to the group and she did an outstanding job. Debi Beauregard, Manny Singh and I found a corner away from the group where we could do a few shots or the night would have been for naught. I really wanted to tie in the overhead roadway with the model but to do that the model became much too small in the image. I shot it anyway. Maybe I should have moved closer and shot from a lower angle—but then I would have to get up. LOL

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