Friday, November 19, 2010


An unscheduled Friday. Thinking of grabbing Metro for a trip down town but that means getting dressed, maybe even shaving. So instead I decided to Samsung the day away. Sure hope this is not what is going to replace photographing Janet. I’m in real trouble if it is.
Samsung Self Portrait with Janet

Samsung and Windowlight Self Portraits
 Okay, so it is not Cunningham but it is an unmade bed and it satisfies my need for randomness.

Unmade Bed No. 1
Unmade Bed No. 2

Unmade Bed No. 3
Okay, maybe I should shave and grab Metro. Whatja think? I mean, after all I have been pretty good this week. I replaced the busted tail light on the Buick, took care of the IRA distributions and rolled over Janets into mine at a really, really good rate, made the PSHMAP Wednesday night meeting, got Help Portrait slowly rolling and even spent a little time each day cleaning house. I'm still sleeping in the living room because I have only got the bed half put together, but that's not a biggie.

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