Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rock Star Photoshoot

Even though I didn’t get to shoot inside the gallery I still had a great time. I pulled my usual Woodard and checked out the area around the gallery including the abandoned building across the street. Met some new people, got some photographs I really like and hung out with some interesting people for a couple of hours.

I really need to be about a hour late for these photoshoots. That way I would get past the confusion of organizing the shoot and be there when more of the photography is happening. Everyone dosen’t really loosen up for a couple of hours and I miss a lot of the most interesting opportunities, like when all the models got into the water at the Tranquility Park shoot. With my self imposed two hour limit I was long gone before then and usually before the good light. If they don’t change the time the lighting will get better as the days get shorter.

Anyway, here are a few of the shots I did at the Rock Star Photoshoot that I liked.

I called this one Practically Predatory. I think that actually Jennifer Chase, the shoot host, set this up outside of Calliope's Po-Boy Shop next to the Gallery.
Marina Gabriella, the model, is outstanding. It is almost impossible to get a bad photograph of her.

This is Destinee Richardson at the same location. I only shot four models and most of the shots were of Destinee. I did a few shots of other photographers at work and a few candids in the gallery during the organization confusion. The last few were grab shots as I was telling everyone goodbye. I really I had done more inside the gallery.

This is one of the grab shots of Marcus Craper. He is a musician and really got into the rock star persona. Wish I have been able to do some more controlled shots of him inside.

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