Friday, March 26, 2010

Something is Terribly Wrong

I have not done any photographs in the last two days. I'm cleaning the garage. That's just not right.

My painting corner is all cleaned out; if I could just remember what I did with the easel… There’s still canvas panels and even some unscratched canvas in pretty good shape. From the looks of the paint, the lost easel is not the least of the problems right now. But am I finding containers. This project may take much longer than I had ever imagined. If I can just quit cleaning.

It is not entirely my fault. The City of Houston has finally decided to include the cheapseats in the recycling project. Last week they delivered a bright green probably 55gal or larger can just for recyclables. I have it full to the top. Much of what was in the garage was stuff that I had put back to carry to the recycling stations and just had not gotten around to it. I think I should get the prize for the first pickup week after next but I may have to make arrangements to rent a second container before then. They tell me that the can has a computer chip that is going to tell them how much plastic, glass, cardboard, paper that is in the can. If so, that can is smarter than a lot of people that I know. Then I can go on the Internet and see how many points I got for recycling.

Enough points and I could replace that 15” analogue TV and might be able to see more than four stations. Although early in the week I ordered Janet a new 5 capacity CD changer, receiver and new speakers so TV is probably going to become less of an entertainment factor than it already is. I can’t believe how great the switch to digital was. Bought a new dumafatchie to make the analog work but it still don’t work too good. I can’t get CBS or ABC and I blocked NBC and PBS—difference of political philosophy; they just give me heartburn anyway. The four channels that we can get only work about two thirds of the time so it is difficult to stay interested in anything but Judge Judy. I do miss Jeopardy but I’m getting along okay without it.

Janet discovered Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. I buy it four cases at a time and she can kill from four to eight of them a day, bottles not cases. I do not mind the least as I have always had difficulty getting liquids down her. Water is a Capt. Kangroo No No as far as she is concerned. I’ve never known anyone that wasn’t an Alkie that disliked water more than Janet. I'll probably be able to fill the recycling container every two weeks with only tea and Ensure bottles. I had to put a rope on the refrigerator door or she would go through a six pack of Ensure every day.

So right now photography is on a down turn although I did go to but missed a meeting last night. The Houston Photography Meet Up has a new monthly meeting place, the Carriage House Cafe on Fallmouth. It is not as convenient for me as Jax Bar and Grill but it's not that bad either. This is the first monthly sit down meeting that they have had in a half year or more. I like the sit down meetings because old folks like to sit down. They are going to reinstate a regular monthly sit down in addition to a monthly photoshoot. Anyway, I couldn't find the darn thing even though I got there early because I knew I might have trouble reading signs and driving since I would be driving into the setting sun. I did. After 45 minutes of looking much too far west I gave up and headed home only to find it on the way back. By then I was too discussed to stick around so I stopped by a grocery store and picked up some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich Bars to get me by. It worked.

Think I'll go shoot a couple of containers before I lose the touch. Or I could head for the freezer and an Ice Cream Sandwich Bar.

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