Friday, February 5, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

I have learned to avoid disappointments by avoiding the cause of disappointments. I may lay the blame on Emerson but that is only a part truth. Disappointment is the other half of that equation.

Why I ever let myself out of the safety of my reclusiveness is more than I will ever understand. There must be some reason that I want to believe but every time I do I have almost always been taught the lesson once again that I was right all along. Maybe stepping outside is not the problem; maybe it is stepping out and becoming enthusiastic about stepping out. Every time I do I swear that I will never do it again.


  1. Gary, this is somewhat of a cryptic message. I'd like to understand what you're saying. Can we talk about it sometime?? Btw, we do read what you write and hang on every word (at least the ones we can understand - ha!) What does CMEO mean?

  2. Jan, it is of no great significance. I am just angry with myself.

  3. public statement gets somewhat public answer. inside is to warm, to cozy and offers no chance to expose the beauty that you feel. What remains within, behind the doors of the rest of the world gnaws at you. then you hear the clock and ask when? no answer until you do it! No one will klike other than you and other than you who really is important. so o for it.