Friday, December 4, 2009

Thoughts on the Great GW

Okay, I’ve got a complaint—where is Global Warming when you need it?

Second year in a row that Houston has broken the record for
the earliest snowfall of the year.

Okay, it’s not much of a fall but it is one more snowflake than I would ever want to see. I didn’t move south to get snowed on. In almost forty years in Houston I have only seen snow probably four or five times, never two years in a row.

Yeah, Global Warming looks good on paper where you can rig the results but in actuality it isn’t working out very well except for manufactures of hybrid vehicles and the ilk of the first carbon credit billionaire, Algorithm.

People question why Algore’s huge home, fleet of SUVs and travel by private jet totally contridicts his own supposed green philosophy—simple, nobody knows any better than he does that the whole thing is a total fabrication (I’ve got a more colorful term but this may be a family blog.) Like most liberals the rules are only for other people. It’s all about control and money--control over you and transfering your money to their pocket.

How long has it been now that scientists (a synonym for over educated charlatans--remember the alchemists and the telescopic sightings of men on Mars?) have attempted without a smidgen of success to control the weather? Those that cannot tell us what the weather is going to do next week think we believe that they can tell us what it is going to do ten years, fifty years, a hundred years down the road. Like, yeah and the proverbial bridge in Brooklyn…or ocean front property in Arizona…

I have also noticed that the TV weather people always mention when we break record high temperatures then dance about spouting their dire predictions for humanity. They sure have been quite for the past couple of years. That weather they are controlling ain't cooperating in spite of the fact that all hos in Hollywood are crammed into predictably overpriced Pirus.

But enough seem to believe, so actually P.T., I think they're shoveling them out the door at a rate considerably better than once a minute... You'd think that advances in technology would make people smarter not dumber. Seems that another scientific conjecture that needs rethinking.

And you thought I was going to talk about me...


  1. ahhh...the beauty of having one's own blog. you get to say exactly what you're thinking without worry of being "pc". well, you're preaching to the choir on this one. the GW hoax shouldn't be news to anyone to the right of 'far left'.

    ronnie is stuck in the toronto airport as his flight to houston has been cancelled. i'm sure he's not too thrilled about the snow either. i, on the other hand, love it - for a few hours once every few years. :o

  2. Jan, I most often try to be diplomatic but I could care less about PC--if we are not careful PC is going to sink us. We are getting to be a country of overly sensitive cry babies and whimps.