Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Portrait Portfolio2009 Magazine

Just sent a new magazine, Portrait Portfolio 2009, to MagCloud for publication. It is a hastily thrown together sample of my “people” picture—I jazzed it up by calling them portraits. It won’t be available for viewing until I have approved the proof, if I can wait that long. It is something that I should have done weeks ago since I want to use it as a sales aid on lining up support for the Help Portrait project.

I do have copies of the first two volumes of The Many Faces of Janet that I should receive from Blurb tomorrow to use until I receive the proof. I gave away all my copies of The Many Faces books and am having to replenish my library.

On the 2009,I fudged a little and included two shots that were actually taken last year in the Strangers section since I don’t have that many stranger portraits in spite of my 100 Strangers project. There is almost no text, divided into three sections; Strangers, Friends and Janet. Thirty-six pages and twenty-eight photographs. As I said it was a rush job but I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Magazine has now been published and can be previewed HERE.

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