Monday, November 9, 2009

Silly Thoughts

Some days you just do silly things. Browsing Craig’s List tonight I made inquiries on two of the postings. A fellow in Clear Lake has a posing table and three posing stools for sale for $80. Someone in Houston has three 10’x20’ muslin backgrounds (black, smoke and earth tones) for $100. Score both of those and I would be a long way toward the project.

I was seriously considering something even sillier. On my B&H wish list I have an inexpensive posing table and one stool set at $140, cheapest they have. To score it for $80 is a bargin.
I was vacillating between Hobby Lobby and B&H on the background. With a 40% off coupon a 15yd bolt of 108” unbleached muslin is around $75. That would give me two 10’x20’ backgrounds that would have to be dyed and hemmed, neither of which I have much experience with. When have I ever let that stop me. If I can figure out a bobbin and where to buy Rite Dye I figure I’m on my way. Or hit my B&H wish list for the cheapest 10X24” muslin at $90. For ten bucks more I could get three backdrops already dyed and hemmed plus a background stand. Of course I already have background stand but with two I could set up two different color backdrops. $24 for a set of stand casters and I could move from one to the other fairly easily. Yeah, the Craig’s List items may no longer be available but for tonight it’s a nice thought. Something to think about while I am trying to go to sleep.

With that and my new light I could set up a studio any place but at home. LOL Okay I could but just not use the large umbrella. And yes, I know that is silly because it will just sit around and collect dust. That’s okay, so am I.

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