Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 11 04

Some days start out with considerable anticipation end up being very disappointing. This was one of those days. But that is good. Not being the smartest person that I have met I often require a two by four and this was a two by four day.

I got a call from a distant cousin in Arizona that I haven’t seen in over sixty years. I think she may have brought me to my senses at least for a while. At least she sparked a desire that I had not had in a long time. That’s the good part of the day.

I also learned that I sent the credit card company a blank check. I like to be as creative as possible when paying bills. I don’t know why they couldn’t have just filled it out instead of sending it back. Beats me what I did with the check that wasn’t blank. But that’s good because a few days ago I made the mistake of going grocery shopping before I went to the post office to mail the bill payments. I had three envelopes in my back pocket, two with checks to pay bills and one scathing letter to the RNC. When I got to the post office the only envelope in my pocket was the one to the RNC. I must have lost the two envelopes containing checks at Fiesta. Someone was kind enough to drop the envelope to the credit card company in the mail instead of opening it and stealing my bank number, which renews my belief that the majority of people are good. I really wasn’t worried because I knew that is what would happen.

Late this evening, I got a new studio flash and one humongous umbrella that I can play with tomorrow. So now I have something to anticipate tomorrow. Of course I could stay up and play with it tonight. I only got two hours or less sleep last night and all indications are that tonihgt is going to be a rerun.

ADDENDUM: 2009 11 06: Finally remembered to call the Credit Card to make a phone payment and learned that I also sent them a check for the full amount ALONG with a spare blank check. So now I don;t have to make a payment--more money to spend. Wish I knew who mailed the lost envelopes so I could say thank you!

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  1. Gary, maybe it's time to think about online bill pay?? LOL!