Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pears and Garlic

Janet and I spent most of the day today looking for props for the table tops. I never was very good at table top photography but I think that circumstances dictate that if I am going to do a lot of photography this looks like the best way to do it.

I am still shooting pears but I have added garlic and eventually Granny Smith Apples. The monthly assignment on the learning blog is to shoot subjects that the name begins with the first letter of your first name, so I am looking for subjects beginning with G.
In food stuff that includes garlic, Granny Smith apples, ginger, granola, gumbo, Ginger Ale and Snaps, grapes, goulash, goober, Gateraid, green beans, grains, gourds and if possible I will go to the zoo to shoot gallinule, goat, giraffe, gibbon, garter snake, gazelle, goose, gander, grizzle bear. guinea fowl, gorilla and then a little risqué for garter and g-string and maybe end up with grotto, guitar, g-man, girl, gnome, gold fish, glue, golf ball, gauge, gravel, General, garage, game, gift, goggle, group, gang, gull, gym, gum…

ADDENDUM: I always forget the gnu.

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