Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Sides of Janet

I have generally tried not to post photographs that show Janet's vulnerability but I shot this photograph on the first chilly day of Autumn. She is very cold natured and was feeling uncomfortable so I got the shawl that Jackie Richardson's one of the NWHPC club members had given her. I shot a few photographs in the computer room with available light. Janet hardly every will hold still for photograph so I snap away and hope to get a sharp one every now and then. However, this one is not sharp but I like it very much. It seems to speaks more truly to her present physical condition. I still prefer to post photographs that capture the happier moments of her life such as this one taken when we went out to eat. She is very partial to that inexpensive straw hat. I have a struggle keeping her from sleeping in it; a struggle I often loose.

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