Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cemetery Scouting Trips

I have been working on probably the last photoshoot for the team members of GW's Learning Blog, a cemetery shoot in Montgomery and Austin counties. Janet and I have made two trips to do scouting photographs and I think it will be an interesting trip. It fell where we will make the trip on October 31st, Halloween. One of the members suggested that might be a fun thing for adults to do on Halloween. We may even stay late and tell ghost stories. Here are a few of the photos from the scouting trips.

Brahmas Along Lake RoadAbandoned Tractor Along Witte RoadSamuel ChapelTree Along Lake RoadAbandoned House on Lake RoadPilgrim's Rest CemeteryUnnamed Cemetery on Smith Road (It is Menke Cemetery)Checking out the City Slicker on the Drive up to Coshatta CemeteryRichard's Grove Cemetery(may actually be Pleasant Grove)Monaville CemeterySt Martin de Pores Catholic Cemetery
We had a perfect ending to the second trip with a beautiful sunset at St Martin de Porres Catholic Cemetery. It would be great if we should be so fortunate on the trip of the 31st.

Unfortunately many of the cemeteries in this area have been badly damaged by vandals. Some have interesting and very old headstones but much of the message in photographing these cemeteries will be in the destruction. It is a sad comment on the disrespect we show for our ancestry as well as for each other.

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