Sunday, October 26, 2008

After Ike

Hurricane Ike put a dent in my postings. We came through like gang busters with nothing more than a few lost tree limbs. Afterwards we were without electricity for two weeks during which I managed to fill four 4gb cards with photographs. I did two projects that I had been thinking about. One was for our continueing outdoor art in Houston project, a furniture store that advertises with what I consider folk art. The other was torn posters and textures on Washington Avenue near downtown and on Yale Street.

Torn Poster on Washington AvenueTorn Poster on Washington AvenueTextures on Yale StreetAnother Posters on Washington AvenueAll of these photographs are on a theme that I have been doing for over forty years, Randomness. I am always fascinated with what I call spontaneous design or design without conscious intervention, things that are created by happenstance. I generally describe randomness at clothes tossed on a chair at night and the bed covers in the morning, splatters of paint, chards of glass, things that simply happen like the weathering away and layering of posters.

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