Wednesday, July 2, 2008

07 02, Table at Denny's Hanging Fixture

I jumped the gun a little on the second entry for the July Challenge. We had a late dinner at Denny's last night so I sort of reshot the image I lost from my previous visit. I did wait until after midnight to post to the group.

This is not the same because in the original a couple had just left and the dishes were still on the table which gave the photograph a meaning this one does not have. I still like the image and was pleased to see this morning that Trevor, the moderator of photochallenge had added it to the Favorites list.

This will be posted, along with all the other entries to my Flickr set July set. I will also start an outtake set for the challenge.

Addendum: Well, I was pleased about the favorite listing until I looked at favorites and found that almost every photo entered has been added as a favorite. It's like the second place ribbon I won in the art contest when I was about ten or twelve being tarnished by the fact that there were only two entries. I suppose it is still better than finding out that mine was the only photo that was not entered as a favorite.

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