Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Texas Wild Flowers

I finally got around to doing some wild flower photographs today. I am not much of a flower photographer so these are the first bluebonnets that I have shot since I was a member of the Wichita Falls Camera Club in the 1960's. I enjoyed it so I might do some more.

I had planned on going to the bayou along T C Jester. There are lots of bluebonnets in that area but no place to park. I ended up shooting these on the Memorial Drive median in Memorial Park.

These were all shot using the 50mm f/1.4 wide open with a Kenko 20mm extension tube. I had a lot of fun so I may go back tomorrow and try the 10mm with the tube which is what I had planned on doing at Old Baylor. I still have a lot that I have not processed.

Of what I have done the photograph here is my personal favorite. All that are processed are posted to my Flickr page in the Texas Wild Flower set. I have processed only a small number of the shots so I will be adding to the Flickr post over the next couple of days.