Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th, Entropy: Missing Electrical Panel

Not a lot of time for entropy today, working on a concept for the salon with Paul. I promised a copy of his portrait to Steve, the gentleman that had sit for a portrait back on the April 6th entropy post. He has a couple of tables set up in front of an abandoned building where he sells what he can find that might have value. I had driven by twice but he had not been set up but I caught him today. He was pleased with the photographs and allowed me to go inside the abandoned building to see if I could find anything for the entropy challenge. I made this one shot although I wished I had time for more. I may contact Steve again. He is the overseer for the block. I am not sure whether someone actually pays him for that or if he has appointed himself. He is a very nice guy and I wish I could do more to help him out. I did purchase a knife from his collection for five bucks.

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